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Meet our new fur kid.
Introducing, Daisy

New Pup Daisy


Pet Care:

Toxicology (Poisons)

Help Find a Cure!

Help raise money and awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and their mission to find a cure for blood cancers.
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Grant Update - Discovering genetic and environmental risk factors for bladder cancer in dogs

Polar Camel cups have made their way to the NCCF!

National Canine Cancer Foundation - Let's do some quick fund raising!


Support the Fight Against Animal Cancer:

National Canine Cancer Foundation
The Morris Animal Foundation (MAF)
Environmental Working Group

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"the PASSION that moves us forward is from experiencing what CANCER really does to the ones we love. We are DRIVEN because there is a hole in our soul where there was once the love of a dog" — Gary B.Nice, President, National Canine Cancer Foundation

2006 Molson and Lou
2014 Molson and Lou

2006 Molson and Lou
2014 Molson

2007 The True Owners - Molson and Lou - Our Humans are Lori and Nino
2007 The True Owners - Molson and Lou (Our Humans are Lori and Nino)

Precious Companion

Family owned and operated, we have been providing loving care since 1998. We are licensed, bonded and insured and members of Pet Sitters International (P.S.I.). Our owners are certified in pet first aid, CPR and vet recommend. We love and provide service for all animals large and small from sand crabs up to and including horses. We support various rescue groups in our area and actively support the Animal Cancer Foundation.

Animal Cancer Awareness

"Almost everyone has lost a pet to cancer, and few realize just how prevalent this problem is," says Bishop. "Cancer in dogs is an unheralded epidemic, and it is simply not on the radar in the public setting. "We've taken it upon ourselves to be advocates for this cause."

Dog Watch
August 2007

In Memory of Our Fur Kids

Moslon 2014

We've lost our beloved fur kids, Max, Lester, Kendall, and Moslon to cancer and understand the importance of cancer awareness.

Precious Companion is a Member of Pet Sitters International Animal Cancer Foundation We Are the Cure YGRR

Ellie Guarding the paperwork!
Fun in the snow 2015


Molson and Lou March 2009
Molson and Lou
August 2013


Ellie Guarding the paperwork!
Guarding the paperwork!






Precious Companion: Pet Sitting
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If we all work together, we are the cure for cancer in animals!