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Pet Care:

Toxicology (Poisons)

Help Find a Cure!

Help raise money and awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and their mission to find a cure for blood cancers.
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Pet Links

Grant Update - Discovering genetic and environmental risk factors for bladder cancer in dogs

Polar Camel cups have made their way to the NCCF!

National Canine Cancer Foundation - Let's do some quick fund raising!


Support the Fight Against Animal Cancer:

National Canine Cancer Foundation
The Morris Animal Foundation (MAF)
Environmental Working Group

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Below is a sampling of our pricing. New clients, seniors, and military personnel should call for additional discounts. Discounts are available for early reservations.

Standard Fees

A portion of the fees goes to support rescue groups and to help fight
animal cancer.

Meet and Greet - 20 minute limited $15.00
Pick-up or drop-off keys $5.00
Late Payment $10.00
Holiday Fee $25.00
Short Notice Fee (less than 4 days) $25.00
Cancellation Fee (see cancellation policy) $20.00

Prices and Fees may vary depending on location, multiple pets or other factors.

Mid-Day Dog walks done Monday - Friday 11am - 3pm

Mid-Day Walk (20 minute visit)
Full-time (M-F)

$16.00 - $18.00
Mid-Day Walk (20 minute visit)
Part-time (3 days or less per/week)
$17.00 - $19.00
Additional Dog (each) $2.00

Potty Breaks
(Puppy or Senior Dog)

$15.00- $17.00

Vacation Visits done Monday - Sunday 7am - 10pm

30 minute dog visit $18.00-$21.00
Additional Dog (each) $2.00
20 minute cat visit $14.00-$16.00
Additional Cat (each) $1.00
Early (before 7 a.m.) or
Late (10 p.m.) visit fee
Longer visit Please call

"Paw Jama" Party

2 night minimum required (unless family emergency occurs)

3 night minimum required over any holiday.

3 visits and stay-over
Visits include Morning, Dinner and Bedtime
4 visits and stay-over
Visits include Morning, Mid-Day, Dinner and Bedtime
Additional Dog (each) $2.00

House Sitting Available

Horse Sitting Available

Please Call

Pet Taxi

Vet, groomers, park, and pick-up supplies. Advance reservations required Varies

Scoop the Poop

Front and back yards & litter boxes Varies
Oral Medication and injections No Charge

Gift Card
Amounts may be in any denomination. Please call for details.

Precious Companion Gift Card Front Side Sample

Precious Companion: Pet Sitting
703-690-8396 (Lorton, VA)

If we all work together, we are the cure for cancer in animals!