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Precious Companion: Testimonials

"Dear Lori,

I just wanted to thank you for Rudy's pet mat. We put it downstairs under his food dishes, and he really seems to like it. Thanks also for the great sitting job. Rudy was great, and seemed to miss your visits when we got home. Thanks so much for all your time and attention to Rudy.


Suzanne Johnson
Pet: Rudy

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We just want to thank you for the wonderful service that you provided to our family! It was fabulous to be able to go on vacations and not have to worry about our animals and our house. Your services were fabulous!

Thank you,

Felix Marbury
Pet(s): Fritz and Browner
Fort Belvoir, VA

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"To Prospective Precious Companion Clients:

How many of you can say that over the past 10 years you have shown up for work every, single day (with the exception of pre-arranged vacation time).   Can you honestly say that you've never taken a day off for sickness, a family emergency, or even the worst blizzard conditions where roads are almost impassable?

I certainly cannot, and I'm a very responsible, diligent employee.   And it's likely that you too are unable to make the claim for perfect attendance over this length of time.   Perhaps this is because your job and mine, although important to the functioning of an organization, are not essential to another creature's health, well-being, and comfort needs.   It's not like if we don't show up, someone else will not have food or water that day, or won't have access to a bathroom, or will be left stranded and neglected.

Well, I am here to tell you that our Precious Companion, Lori Carey-Parasiliti, has provided our dog, Kobe, with daily walks for almost a decade and has never, ever let us down. More than even the U.S. Postal Service, which claims this reputation, Lori has come to care for Kobe in rain, sleet, and snow.   She has trudged through piles of snow, withstood downpours, and endured severe heat and cold to keep her daily promise to our dog.

On a large scale Lori and her husband, Nino, are active supporters of animal rights and protection and are committed to various organizations that promote animal rescue.   On a personal level, they have grown to love our dog and care for him as if he were their own.   Kobe adores them both and looks forward to his daily contact with them as the best part of his day.

We would recommend Lori and Nino to anyone who needs a professional, reliable, and trustworthy dog sitting service.   These are not people who have put up an ad on a trial basis to see if they "like" doing this job and then decide to go back to school or find other work that may be easier or more lucrative.   These are true professionals who are dedicated to providing this service and have proven longevity.

Pet sitting is a labor of love , and Lori and Nino have tons of love to give all the pets that rely on them everyday to take care of them while their owners are away.   Precious Companion has been Kobe' s true companion over the years, and we are most grateful for their dedication.

Consider yourself very lucky to have found this excellent pet-sitting service.   We have no personal stake in recommending Precious Companion to you, other than to assure you that your beloved pet will be well cared for.


Mark and Beth Miller
Pet: Kobe

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"Hey Lori,

Thanks so much, the pups looked soooo happy! I feel so relieved that we have reat people like you guys! I want to give you the rest of the new total, so let me know what is good for you!"


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"Lori and Nino,

Can't tell you how touched we all were that you helped our Lici get a wedding gift from her Mom and Dad! How very dear of you — and the kids REALLY appreciated it!! Thank you so much! They will send you a photo of Lici as soon as they get their feet back on the ground again and I will send you photos when we have them. The wedding was fantastic and weather perfect.

Love you guys!"

Priscilla and Bob
Pet: Lici

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The cats and we thank you so very much for taking care of them. They spent a lot of time last night purring and sitting on my back and legs as I tried to go to sleep - LOL.

We really appreciate you Lori, and the care you give the cats. It is so nice to be able to go away for trip knowing that you will be there to take care of the "kids". All looked well and we thank you for your care. Thank your kitty for the mats - love them. This morning Frankie was sitting on her mat taking full possession of it.

I will always be more than willing to recommend you and your services to people looking for quality pet care.

Thanks again,"

Pam Andraschko
Pets: Teka and Frankie
Fairfax Station, VA

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"Dear Lori and Nino:

Just emailing to let you know that we're back and to thank you so very much for agreeing to take care of Bijoux and Bonzo while we were away. It was great to know that someone was here with them each day and that someone was checking on the house, mail, etc.

We will definitely use you again and refer you to our friends!


Danielle Powers
Pets: Bijoux and Bonzo
Chantilly, VA

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"Hi Lori and Nino,

Thank you so very much for your wonderful care of Max during our vacation. I genuinely appreciate your going to Crosspointe to get more Deramaxx for him. (As it turned out, 800PetMeds never did ship the Rx. I had to call them a second time and give them grief about the order.) The invoice seems to indicate you paid for the pills; is that correct? If so, I’ll send you a check right away.

Also, thanks for the lovely gifts. Max really enjoys them!!


Susan McNeice
Pet: Max

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How incredibly thoughtful of you to remember Kobe's birthday!!! I can't believe he'll be nine years old tomorrow. Thank you so, so much for the wonderful Portuguese Water Dog magnetic note pad set. I love it so much that I don't want to write on it, but instead save it as a keepsake.

This is another chance to express our appreciation for all you and Nino do for Kobe...You are the highlight of his day, and you have given us so much peace of mind that you're always there, rain/sleet/snow/hail to make sure his needs are taken care of. I can't imagine a better dog companion service...There are so many new fly-by-night pet services out there now; however, your reliability, sincerity, and professionalism cannot be matched by anyone else.

Thank you again for the great gift.

With gratitude,"

Mark and Beth
Pet: Kobe

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"It means the world to me to know that I can leave Max at home where he is happy; rather than in a kennel when I'm on travel and know that he is well taken care of. The good care that Max is given is obvious when I come home to a smiling dog who is calm and content."

Ken Chotiner
Pet: Max

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We put PK to sleep this morning. It was a hard decision but it was time, as you know.

Please continue to come on Monday and Friday for Sam and I will always let you know if this will change or have to come twice a day.

Thank you for all your good care of PK. We know you took good care of her and worried about her. You are wonderful with animals and PK was always in good and gentle hands. Thank you."

Merri Jo
Pet: Sam

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"I've always loved and trusted Lori and Nino as excellent dog walkers, as I know they both always go the extra mile. I live in the same neighborhood and they have been walking my dogs for almost 10 years now. The morning after the 'blizzard of 2009' I went out to shovel my walk and dig out my car (a couple hours of work for sure). Nino came over to help me clear out my parking space. Not only was Nino and Lori's car clean of snow, they had shoveled out their parking space, and had already returned from taking care of all their clients. The critters in their care are always the priority, even a blizzard won't slow them down!"

Julie Pastore
Lorton, VA
Pets: Violet and Gidget

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Just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of our animals. We came home today around 1 pm to Sadie and Holly greeting us at the door. They were both very happy and I could tell they didn't miss us too much.

Thanks also for the picture frame."

Dianne Barrale
Lorton, VA
Pets: Sadie and Holly

"Just a short thank you note. It was great meeting both you and your husband. We really appreciated all the notes you left for us.
We'll probably see you again in another year, or maybe sooner.
You guys are really good people and I think you have a thriving business. So keep up the good work. And, if I hear of someone who needs your services, I will heartily recommend you guys. You're tops!!

Bob and Susan Matthews
Fairfax Station, VA
Pets: Scottie and Annie

" I have been using Lori and Nino's service for over 6 years - They are GREAT!!
I first met Lori and Nino after I got a Golden Retriever pup back in 2001 and I can't tell you how happy (and lucky) I was to meet them.
They are both so friendly and helpful and a pleasure to work with. The dogs (and cats) love them.  I think my Golden Chili gets more attention when they come by to take care of them then when I am home!!.   They really care about the pets well being.   I have a fenced yard and they could easily just let her out back in the yard, but ALWAYS take her for a walk and she loves it.
I had a 15 year old Beagle that needed a lot of attention and patience, and Lori and Nino always were accommodating to her. Medication, special needs - No Problem.
They have been available in emergencies to come by and take care of the pets and go beyond taking care of the pets and take care of the house.  They take out/bring in the trash if it gets full, the mail and even 1 time I did not get a chance to cut the lawn before I went on vacation and Nino got out the lawnmower and cut my front yard - They REALLY Care.  
They always leave a status note on the days events (good and bad) while I was gone. And remind me to let them know that I am back - again, so they can ensure that the pets are taken care of.
THANK YOU so much Lori and Nino for always being there for me and girls (Chili, Boots, Angel, and gone but not forgotten - Beemer)."

Mark DeAgazio
Fairfax, VA
Pets: Chili, Boots, Angel, and gone but not forgotten - Beemer

"After many years of relying on friends to watch our ‘kids’ when we were away, Popcorn developed diabetes and twice-a-day insulin injections took that option away. We don’t like boarding our cats, but were exceptionally nervous about both letting someone we didn’t know well into our house and in feeling confident that our cats would be getting the quality of care they needed.  Lori and Nino quickly won us over with a combination of quality service and genuine caring for Popcorn, Peanut, and our newest addition, CrackerJack.  
Nino and Lori really take our cat’s care seriously and seemingly ‘adopt’ every pet they watch over.  All of our cats trust them and look forward to their visits – OK, CrackerJack only comes out for food, but that’s because she’s VERY shy!  Bottom line, we initially called Precious Companion because of their location near our home, but now we wouldn’t want anyone else to watch our cats even if we moved 50 miles away!
Thanks, Lori and Nino, for everything!"

Bill and Debbie Wasner
Pets: Popcorn, Peanut and CrackerJack

"I'll never forget when we met Nino for the first time. Our neighbor, Mary, had made an appt. with Nino on a Saturday, telling him they would be the house with the garage door open. At that time we had a dog named "Mary" and my husband was out in the garage (with the door open) and Nino comes up and introduces himself and says he is here to see Mary. Well my husband lets Nino in the house and our dog Mary, who is usually not receptive to stangers went right up to Nino like they were old friends! Well we were so impressed AND relieved! Later that summer we adopted an adorable chocolate lab puppy which we named Mollie. I work for the school system and started back to work when she was just 2 months old. We needed someone to come a few times a day to take her outside for exercise and potty breaks and knew just who to call! Precious Companion! We loved getting home in the afternoons to read the adorable notes left about how Mollie's day went. We have been using Nino and Lori ever since and always feel at ease that our home and Mollie have been left in good hands! We highly recommend them and their services to anyone."

Larry and Linda Blankenship
Pets: Mollie

"Precious Companions has been a reliable, flexible, accommodating and perfect fit for us and our pet dog, Chelsea. We are lucky to have found them and because of all their great qualities have been taking care of Chelsea several times a year for quite a while. We feel strongly about leaving Chelsea at home in familiar surroundings and are lucky to that Lori and Nino are able to fit us in.
I highly recommend them."
Jeff Levine
Pet: Chelsea

"The folks at Precious Companion are wonderful, trustworthy and dependable. I never worry about my "babies" when I go out of town as I know they will be well cared for. And most importantly, my pets love them! My German Shepherd, who is generally standoffish, warmed right up to Nino and Lori. I highly recommend using PC for your pet care needs."

Chris Meier
Springfield, VA
Pets: Sam, Echo and Rosie

"My husband and I have nothing but great things to say about Precious Companion. From the moment we met Lori, we knew that not only could we trust her with our dog and cat, but with our home as well. Precious Companion offers exceptional service. Lori and Nino go above and beyond any of our expectations each and every time they visit. Here are just a few examples: Nino took time out of his schedule to come over and teach me how to use what I thought was a tricky leash: the gentle leader. He was patient with Daisy and showed me exactly how I should place the leader on her muzzle. After I learned how easy it was, Nino also provided tips for walking. Daily notes always come from Lori and explain how each visit went. If Daisy ever had an accident, Lori knows her so well and could sense if something was wrong. She would call us if it was an emergency, and didn't hesitate to clean up the mess.
Although our pets cannot speak words, their demeanor after every visit proves that they've had a great time and have been treated well. We feel strongly that Lori and Nino are not just “service providers”; they are amazing caretakers, animal advocates, and family friends. Thank you Precious Companion!!"
Melinda Snyder
Lorton Station, VA
Pets: Daisy “Doodles” and Hercules

"Lori and Nino are like part of our family. More importantly, they treat Allie (German Shep) like she is a part of theirs. They are reliable, dependable, and they care as much about our dog as we do! They have been taking care of Allie (mid-day walks and overnights) for 6 years now and we appreciate them so much. We would highly recommend them to take care of your precious companions!"

Tim & Valarie Wright
Fairfax Station, VA
Pet: Allie, German Shepherd

"Precious Companion has been a wonderful find for us! We have been with them for several years now and couldn't imagine anyone other than Lori and Nino taking care of our cat, Kringle. We would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a pet caregiver. They are very passionate about their work and care deeply about the animals. You can feel extremely comfortable knowing that your pet is in great hands while you are away.

They have been very understanding with Kringle as she is getting older and has developed diabetes and they are great with her medication requirements and other special circumstances. We appreciate all they do!"

Shelley Haley
Springfield, VA
Pet: Kringle

"Our neighbors had used Precious Companion to mind their dog, and they couldn't say enough good things about Lori and Nino's care of their pet. As our vacation approached, we contacted Precious Companion to arrange for care of our dog. At the pre-visit, I was impressed with their obvious love for animals, and their appreciation of each animal's personality.
It is an immense relief to be able to enjoy a vacation, knowing that our dog is home and well-cared for. I know that he enjoys his time with Lori and Nino, and they enjoy their time with him. Our beloved pet is getting older, so travel and vet visits are stressful for him. I know that Lori and Nino are attentive to him, and devoted to his well-being. They are a treasure!
I'm very grateful that our neighbor 'spread the word' about such a fantastic service, and I'm happy to join the chorus of those singing the (much deserved) praises of Precious Companion!"
Springfield, VA
Pet: Vito, York Dog

"Lori and Nino,
Thank you very much for taking such great care of Patches, Julian and Chamberlain. It's so much more relaxing to take off and not worry about their well being.  
We'll be calling you in the future. Our requests may be random but we'll have a need for you soon."
Pets: Patches, Julian and Chamberlain

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for your years of help to us with the pups. You watched that little Storm grow into a big Storm and watched the others mature and Kyra go through 2 surgeries and welcoming on newest additions, as well as caring for our rescues too. I can't thank you and Nino enough for your constant flexibility and great care for our babies. I am so sorry that we lost you, since we're out of range, but I'd like to keep in touch in case you can help out for some things in the future (as you mentioned). Anytime you need a reference, please use us.

Thank you,"
Beth Crooks
Manassas, VA
Pets: Storm and Kyra

"For anyone needing pet care services, I would like to offer an outstanding recommendation for Precious Companion pet sitting services. I travel substantially with my job. Every out of town trip I make, I book Precious Companion to watch after my two cats.
My cats were always well cared for and Precious Companion always went the extra mile. If anything was ever out of place, they would alert me. You can tell these folks are true animal lovers and they share that love with my pets. I was very comfortable leaving town knowing my cats were receiving such excellent care. I highly recommend their services. Thank you so much for always taking such great care of Ezra and Parker.

Kind Regards,"
Wendy Brown
Pets: Ezra and Parker

"Thank you so very much for your help, Lori.  You cannot imagine (maybe you can) how fortunate we think we are to have found you, your husband and Precious Companion!

Ann Witherspoon"
Crosspointe/Fairfax Station
Pet: Arnie

"You've saved my life. This little Sasha delights in biting me and is a wild little kitten much of the time. Your suggestion of using laser light to play with her is one great toy. She loves it!

Caroline Zurun"
Pet: Sasha

Precious Companion: Pet Sitting
Lori 703-906-3075

If we all work together, we are the cure for cancer in animals!